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Recent customer savings

Paul lowered his payment by $104!
Old New Savings
Payment $356 $247 $109
APR 16.5% 4.3% 12.2%
Interest $4,618 $1,509 $3,109
Natalie saved over $2k in interest!
Old New Savings
Payment $289 $259 $30
APR 15.9% 8.3% 7.6%
Interest $5,090 $2,862 $2,228
Tony saved monthly and in interest!
Old New Savings
Payment $526 $482 $44
APR 10.0% 4.5% 5.5%
Interest $6,361 $3,066 $3,295

"In 30 seconds I found out that I might be able to save over 17% on my current loan. That could be over $50. Without hesitation I hit continue. The process is fast, clean and easy to use. Really like it so far."

Spencer O, California

Will my existing loan qualify?

To qualify for refinancing, you do need to meet the following:

No repossessions or tax liens. Limited collections balance. No bankruptcies in the last 2 years
Vehicle is personal-use, has less than 150,000 miles and is model year 2008 or newer.
Your current loan is at least 2 months old & you owe between $10k and $60k on your current loan.

This will not impact your Credit!

Although we are obtaining your credit history, this report will have no impact on your credit score.

Rest assured it will only be used to analyze your current auto loan and find opportunities for you to save money. That's what we do here at SpeedCents.

Safe & Secure

SpeedCents uses high encryption standards to pull your information. We will only use your personal information to analyze your current loans and we will never share your Credit Profile data for any reason (see our Privacy Policy).